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Publicity acts as sponsor and mastermind of Olga Izakson’s Rubashka Party

February 26, FORMA, a new high life venue on the premises of Krasny Oktyabr plant, hosted the presentation of Rubashka, a joint photo project by Olga Izakson and REDD’S. Publicity PR developed the event concept and acted as its sponsor.

Fifteen good looking girls ventured to pose in front of the photo camera clad in their boyfriends’ shirts. They even let the cameras in their homes for a “peep show”. The pictures are filled with sensuality and sweetness of the models, their confidence and playfulness. This explicit project was ventured by Miroslava Duma, founder of World’s Planet charity fund; Nastya Ryabtsova, owner of Beryozka boutique; Katya Gafina, Yana Lebedeva, chief editor of; Yulya Kalmanovich, designer; Natasha Kulikova, Wedding magazine; Larisa Khomutova, financial expert; Laura Dzhugelia, gossip column author at Tatler; Anna Treskunova, lawyer; Anya Ryabova, Louis Vuitton; Natasha Semyonova, producer; Anna Skladmann, photographer; Sonya Gaidamak, jewelry designer; Lida Buryak, student; and Olga Rubets, hair dresser.

Women have always encroached upon their boyfriends’ shirts. It’s funny, but this typically men’s wear makes women feel specifically feminine and sexy. To support this fashion trend, REDD’S used the best-known film shots where women film stars wear their boyfriends’ shirts. Love Boat hits by DJ Vitaly Kozak made a great background for the night.