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Redd’s brings Angels down to Earth

Redd’s held a magic runway show of Victoria’s Secret spring collection in Casta Diva Restaurant on Tverskoy Boulevard on March 11.

A provocative Angels’ runway show has once again confirmed that “good girls” are no longer relevant in the 21st century. If you still want to try a “good girl” image, choose the one created by Victoria’s Secret and Redd’s, sexy, defiant and hardly ever innocent. Although VS prefers to show its accessories and intimates in the most private environment, a glass of light Redd’s on ice will express your personal freedom and availability for a thrill along with bodysuits and lace stockings.

A well-known director Nikolay Semenov specially developed a unique drama performance which combines the best classic music and breath-taking dresses of Angels. The long-awaited underwear show of globally recognized Victoria’s Secret was introduced by a dance performance by champions in Esthetic Gymnastics. The pauses between the shows were filled by jazz compositions of Annie Solange. Enthralling smiles and air kisses were flying down from the stage to the audience. The fallen angels demonstrated the best dresses of Victoria’s Secret collection now available in the Moscow show room at 10, Spiridonovka Street.

Publicity provided information support to the event, press accreditation (about 70 members of print and online publications and TV) and managed BTL experts to ensure the most expressive visual branding on the venue.