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Publicity provided information support to the Cyprus Tourism Organization at the autumn tourism exhibitions

The Cyprus Tourism Organization took part in the special-purpose tourism exhibitions held in Russia and Ukraine, including such international events as 2011 Holidays and INWETEX – CIS Travel Market held in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg respectively and Ukraine 2011 in Kiev.

Publicity experts provided information support at all three events and organized meetings of the Cyprus Tourism Organization headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus, with Russia’s and Ukraine’s leading sector-specific media and personal meetings with their partners among travel agents and operators.

According to the Cyprus Tourism Organization, 50,989 Russian tourists visited Cyprus in August 2013 and totally 228,000 Russians chose to spend their holidays in Cyprus. This number exceeds the number for the previous year by 51.2% and the total number from January to August 2009 by 127.1%.

Such incoming flow of tourists ranks Russia the second to Great Britain by the number of visits to Cyprus leaving behind Germany and Greece.

In August 2011, 2,060 tourists from Ukraine visited Cyprus and over 11,000 Ukraine citizens visited it within 8 months of this year. These numbers exceed the 2012 numbers by 32.8% and the total number from January to August 2009 by 131.4%.

Thus, Ukraine is included in the Top-10 fastest growing countries, outstripping Poland, Bulgaria and France. Compared with 2009, Ukraine in 2011 occupies the first position outstripping even Russia with its 120% growth rate.