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Marshak’s Clinic to update its information strategy and engages new partners

The resolution to assign information support to PublicityPR was made as part of new marketing strategy. Thebumblebee will be responsible for online relations and communications development.

A new strategy involves improvement of the information component, meets the relevant social challenges and has a strong social context. “Our work not only involves breaking patients free from various addictions. Our work is based on a deep-going medical approach, well-established international practice, longstanding track record of our experts and our own developments (in particular, innovative technology Neurocode.) We use the best medical equipment and certified medical products. Our services are provided as hotel room service where we have all rooms regularly cleaned and bedclothes changed. The clinic is awarded with multiple certificates and prizes which make us different from all other healthcare institutions of this kind; and we justifiably think we are the best,” General Director Sergey Volkov says.

“One of our key challenges is to find new partners to integrate knowledge about the clinic with special events mostly aimed at young people. According to therapists, teenagers enter the risk group at the age of 13 to 18 and make up the core target audience for preventive actions. We hope that such efforts bring benefits to our society,” Marketing Director Yevgeny Ruzheynikov says.

About Marshak’s Clinic

Marshak’s clinic is Russia’s only detox center built on the best practices of Europe and the USA. It combines adequate psychological climate, sophisticated facilities and equipment, comfortable environment and excludes excess glamour which distracts patients from the treatment process.