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Sportmaster hosted a presentation of Columbia Sportswear Outdry

April 13, Sportmaster hosted a presentation of Columbia Sportswear Outdry, a unique production technology of waterproof and breathing footwear and gloves. Publicity managed and inspired this event and invited members of Russia’s leading media companies to have a look at the latest innovative developments.

In theory, waterproof footwear must keep you dry and comfortable in wet conditions. Columbia footwear makes this real in practice due to waterproof breathable technology that leaves no space between the membrane and the outer shell for water to get in. OutDry is a unique formula of success. Members of Russian press were made aware of the benefits of this construction at the presentation which showed OutDry centrifugal device to demonstrate all benefits of Columbia shoes compared with their competitors’ footwear. Two shoes put into water containers to make them soaked. Under centrifugal force, water tightly fitted the surface without penetrating inside the shoes. Both shoes were weighted dry before the start of the device. The test showed that one OutDry shoe added only 67 grams and its competitor shoe added 247 grams. You may see for yourself. The experiment showed that OutDry technology was really working to protect users from both excess moisture and dirt and microbes which may accumulate in shoes made by outdated technologies where the membrane is put between the upper part and inside shoe cover.