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Russia’s entry into the WTO will double the Russian communication market, heads of agencies from 16 countries agencies agree

The international conference held on May 8-9 in Moscow in Intercontinental Hotel by Publicity for ECCO International PR Network addressed the prospects of Russia’s joining the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The conference was attended by twenty executives of communication agencies from Europe, Australia, India and China. The conference addressed the issues of pricing in new media and social networks, adjustment of global companies and new opportunities on the international and domestic markets.

According to Yan Khanov, General Director of Publicity PR, the Russian PR and communications market will double within the coming five years, if Russia enters into the WTO. According to him, this will happen due to easier access to the Russian market for foreign companies operating in certain segments (telecom, finance and services) which will drive the demand for marketing services. The WTO standards are governed and protected by the international law which will secure the validity of business processes and the international business interests. The WTO, however, hides a lot of ambiguities for the Russian players of the communications market related to the expected arrival of foreign agencies with better service quality and stronger track record.

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