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Publicity joins the campaign to promote Madrid as a tourist destination

Publicity Agency and the Government of Madrid entered into a contract to promote the region across Russia as a tourist destination as part of Solo in Madrid, a global promotion campaign pursued by ECCO International Communications Network, an international PR- and communications-group.

The project is aimed at enhancing awareness of the tourism brand by its continuous exposure to the Russian media.

Planned efforts: a press tour to Madrid for most popular media, including TimeOut Moscow, Vash Dosug, Cosmopolitan, Argumenti I Facti, Women’s Health and METRO, information support, interviews and distribution of press releases.

About Solo in Madrid

Solo in Madrid is a campaign aimed at promoting Madrid and its environments as a tourist destination. It focuses on a unique tour around the city of contrasts, including delicious food, your favorite sports, exposure to contemporary arts, shopping the best venues, and discovering entertainment day in, day out. The campaign is co-funded by the municipal government of Madrid.