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Publicity provides communication support to the Agency of strategic initiatives

Publicity ensures the provision of a wide range of activities for the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in the framework of the Communication Strategy. In particular, Publicity ensures services in media coverage of the work of the Customer in “Social Projects” and the presence of information on the customer in social media and other Internet channels. Besides Publicity will conduct analysis on a quarterly basis on the communication activities of ASI and will provide recommendations for its improvement and efficiency, taking into account changes in its social, economic and political agenda.

About ASI

Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “Agency of strategic initiatives to promote new projects” was created pursuant to orders of the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on May 17, 2011 № VP-P16-3168 (paragraph 15), and on May 27, 2011 № VP -P13-3511.

ASI activities aim at improving the business climate, creating a positive image of the entrepreneur and entrepreneurship in the Russian society and at promoting innovative and socially relevant projects.