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Publicity begins work on PR strategy for World Skills Russia, Agency for the Promotion of Professional Associations and Human Resources

Publicity is to develop a PR strategy for the Agency for the Promotion of Professional Associations and Human Resources World Skills Russia. The strategy will define the goals of the PR policy for World Skills Russia, identify important target audiences, promotional tools and technologies, and address many other issues.

‘The issue of developing industrial production and human resources is as relevant as ever. The World Skills project seeks to become a key element in promoting successful professional development of top quality highly skilled workers in Russia. We seek to make blue collar work more prestigious, tell the young about future career opportunities. All these issues are basically about communication and as such they need to be handled using PR tools. So a PR strategy and its implementation are extremely important to the overall success of the World Skills Russia Project,’ says Ian Khanov, Managing Partner of Publicity.

World Skills is an international non-profit movement that seeks to make blue collar work more prestigious and promote the development of skilled labour. World Skills seeks to directly affect professional education ranging from training in basic industrial occupations to advanced sills in industry and services in 75 member countries around the world. On November 8, 2014, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in conjunction with WSI signed an agreement to set up World Skills Russia. The goal of this organisation is to create a professional education system conformant to WSI standards to supply the economy with highly qualified skilled labour.