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Have you ever had an idea that tomorrow may be too late and today may be too early? Today’s business world leaves no place for doubts and intuition and good luck play a major role.

We were first guided by intuition. Far back in the past, when the expression “Russian business” had an express negative connotation and so many jokes were made on “Russian-style business”, we established one of the first PR agencies in post-Soviet Russia. In 1993, meeting business demand for relations with consumers, customers and partners and the government authorities of new Russia, we believed our role was to facilitate country’s market economy development.

From the very beginning, the agency faced the challenge to provide efficient services by engaging competent professionals and well-known foreign experts, adapt the best global communication practices with an ambitious objective to generate favorable conditions to grow the communication market.

We view confidence as a prerequisite in customer relations and our business credo. The agency clients during its history included many well-known large-scale Russian and international companies; and many political and public persons grew into outstanding public figures. This always inspires us for further successful work and confirms our contribution to the civil society development, media environment, business climate and public institutions improvement.

Good luck on our side. Publicity was among the first Russian PR agencies to develop long-term communication campaigns for the benefit of the government bodies, Russian business associations and Russian and international companies.

Along with media relations, the agency released independent information projects, including TV shows, periodicals and public associations.

The agency is well-known for its contribution to political communications and developing a dialogue between business and political communities by participating in several election campaigns, providing support to political parties and consultations to country’s political leaders, including the first elections of the President of Russia.

Business development initiated several independent successful projects in the publishing, design and animation sector.

Following the globalization trends and international business integration into the Russian business environment, we have pursued international contacts.

In 2008, Publicity joined ECCO International Communications Network in Russia

Initially, the network was called the European Communication Companies Organization, but it has aggressively pursued its global presence since 1989. Today, the network consists of over 40 agencies located in 32 countries on 5 continents. It is headquartered in London.