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Participation in Tenders

 “Publicity” our criteria for participating in tenders:

  • The agency considers an invitation to tender only if it receives an invitation request, signed by the CEO or his deputy.
  • The agency does not take part in tenders where the number of participants exceeds 5.
  • The Agency shall take part in the tenders consisting of a maximum of two rounds: 1st round – familiarization, during which the overall presentation of the agency and its services are provided, as well as the presentation of the potential working group from both the Agency and the Client, 2nd round – the actual development of project proposals and the estimation of the budgetary framework.
  • Upon decision of participating in the tender, the agency is ready to consider and sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • The agency, in turn, considers it necessary to get a commitment from the client not to use materials submitted for the tender in any way and not to transfer them to other bidders or third parties.
  • The Agency shall take part in the tender, if the organizers provide at least 10 working days for the development of the project.
  • The brief should contain the following:
  1. Goals and objectives of the PR-campaign. A description of the problem;
  2. Key efficiency indicators of the campaign;
  3. Target audiences;
  4. A description of the activities of the client and the proposed project;
  5. The terms of the campaign;
  6. An indicative scope of the project budget. In case the agency is to receive a fixed remuneration, the amount is indicated;
  7. Data on marketing or sociological studies (if any);
  8. Data on informational and promotional activities;
  9. The format in which the material on the tender is to be presented (Word Document, Power Point presentation, sketches on paper or in a specific file format, the plan of the company in Excel / Project);
  10. The criteria based on which the winner of the tender is to be selected;