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Communication with the customers

Today, any business must compete for the attention of customers and consumers. As rightly noted by the Scandinavian business futurists K. Nordstrom and Jonas Ridderstråle in their book Funky Business – «we exist in a surplus society.”

The modern consumer is, above all, a consumer of information, and only then becomes a consumer and object of marketing attention. Knowing the features and specifics of the product is not enough for him. He has dozens of questions in his head. Before parting with his money, he wants to know much more than what is laid down in the advertising message. He is curious and biased, and therefore wants to know: what brand is that? Who produces it and where is it produced? What is the history of the brand? How is the product better than its analogous from competitors? How is the price justified? What do the people in his circle think about the product?

You should be prepared to provide the correct answers to these questions and formulate the answers clearly, convincingly and simply. To be effective, you must use specific channels of communication through which information about the brand reaches a given target group. We know the answer – at “Publicity” we create working models of cooperation on the basis of professional experience and data obtained from researching consumer preferences, which allow you to create a correct and above all, honest communication with the consumer. We are committed to the harmonization of brand perception by consumers, thus attracting their attention.