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Internal communications

Today, as many years ago, your potential partners ask themselves the same question before starting to work with You: Who are you? Your image is made up of many little things that you do not notice, but are very noticeable for others. They are – the response of the Secretary over the phone, the loading time of your corporate website, what they write about you in the press, social networks or what is said about you on the sidelines of administrative agencies, and even – in your own office.

When we talk about internal communications, we are talking about a strategy to work closely with the external relations and, also as importantly, the internal environment. With the right information, each news feed, each rumor about your company – is an additional plus for the image and reputation of your company. You can do it without us, but with the help of Publicity, you can create the correct integration within your company, which is just more to rally the team together and help everyone achieve their goals.