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Social communications

Company operations in the market context are aimed at generating the maximum profit. At the same time, companies are increasingly focusing their strategies on non-economic resources required for growing their business. Such resources critically affect the demand for company’s products, confidence of customers, partners and investors, and loyalty of government authorities.

Current relations between the business community and society in Russia are characterized with a general trend towards socialization. In other words, businesses have to take good care of social problems and help meeting social challenge in the area of their operations. Such approach to the social sphere brings dividends in the form of growing wellbeing across all business sectors and increasing financial profit of companies and corporations.

Such effects have been long established, regardless of any apparently indirect relation between financial success and the corporate citizenship policy. Social partnership has been recognized as an efficient form of corporate responsibility.

Publicity initiated many social and charity projects in cooperation with some non-profit associations. This is part of our corporate policy as a corporate citizen.

We believe that businesses are created to benefit the society and our support of business projects addresses the needs of the Russian state.

Social partnership is a comprehensive device that governs and adjusts the interests of three parties – business, society and government. Today, large companies which pursue an aggressive business strategy are facing high social costs. Such costs are incurred in the need to upgrade and reorganize companies, cut welfare expenditures, adjust employees’ salaries and downsize to increase total business performance. Such forced cuts in social expenditure bring out negative implications in corporate image which may arise as a serious barrier to company’s further promotion on the market. Corporate negative image results from reduced confidence and loyalty with the public, partners and mass media, government authorities and other organizations.

This affects opportunities to represent corporate interests at political level. Due to bad record, companies find it difficult to win political approval in selling their beneficial projects to the government executive and legislative bodies.

A critical success factor involves selection and development of the most reasonable strategies and approaches to pursue social partnership goals. Publicity offers its services to meet the above challenges.